Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Britney spears ass. New picsz.

stuff again. Enjoy it. Britney spears ass. Pictures!

britney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears assbritney spears ass
Britney Spears is a sad person or a girl who doesn't give a damn? I must ask the question, everyone says poor britney, Oh shes victims and sick, can be bad for sick britney .. But honestly, I see it does not care what anyone thinks, laughs, etc. I saw her eating ice cream at http / / and laugh, kinda like screw you sick or eat like a pig me laugh and shes turned into a Courtney Love-bad *** way, why the sympathy? She doesn't care. Shes not 19, shes grown up and that's who she is. Those who agree.?
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